Supporting Implantation so that Pregnancy Can Occur

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Supporting Implantation so that Pregnancy Can Occur

This is one of a 4-part series on the phases of the menstrual cycle.

While I’ve posted before about how to support implantation and the Yang Phase in more physical ways, this series is about the energetic of the phases of the cycle.


The Yang Phase of your menstrual cycle occurs after you have ovulated and your temperatures are rising, approximately days 17-28. Yang is related to the element of Fire and to your heart. Fire is joy. Fire is excitement and passion for life and your ability to love and receive love. This energy of the heart needs to connect down to the womb for pregnancy to occur.

Many of us are so burdened by the day to day stressors of life that we forget about the importance of fun and joy and passion. So many women in my fertility practice are so frustrated and depressed and defeated by their fertility situation that they’ve lost that sense of joy in their lives, in their marriages, in sex.

Alternately, some women have a tendency to have too much fire. If you find that you have a tendency to seek out things that introduce excess fire into your body, like drugs or alcohol, then it’s important to actually work on taming this fire, on being more grounded in your accessing of fire. Perhaps light some candles in a bath so that you’re grounded in water.

During this phase, we are inviting our newly fertilized follicle into our deliciously warm and inviting womb. There are two energies I like to have my patients focus on during this phase, both for ourselves and for our follicle.

The first is to feel completely supported by and connected to the security and safety and warmth and nurturing energy of the kidneys.

The second is to feel the is warmth and light from above, pouring into your heart. Become aware of the never ending cycle of energy… from heart to follicle to kidneys and then back to heart… love, light, heat, warmth, trust, joy… exquisite bliss just radiating all around you.

This is the energetic in which a fertilized follicle can thrive.

My Womb Warming Soak, Womb Warming Massage Oil and Womb Warming Tea were formulated specifically to support women during the Yang Phase of her cycle.Begin using all 3 after ovulation, or days 17 through the end of your menstrual cycle.