Deepening Into Your Yang Phase

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Deepening Into Your Yang Phase

The Yang Phase is the phase of our cycle, after ovulation, known as the luteal phase or the "two-week wait." During this phase,  our progesterone should be elevated, which will contribute to our temperature being higher than in the Yin Phase. ⁠

The Yang phase is especially important if you have experienced recurrent miscarriages, have been diagnosed with low progesterone, or a "cold womb."

The Yang Phase of your menstrual cycle occurs after you have ovulated and your temperatures are rising, approximately days 17-28 or your next bleed. ⁠

During the Yang Phase, the Fertilized egg will travel to the uterus, and hopefully (if the uterus is warm and "juicy" and has the necessary tri-laminal (3-layers) that is needed), implantation will occur. ⁠

Temperatures need to be elevated & progesterone needs to be adequate for this to happen.

During this phase, it's important to keep our bodies warm, as well as our energy moving. We tend to get a build up of Qi during this phase, which can contribute to the symptoms we usually attribute to PMS - moodiness, fatigue, breast tenderness, cramps.

The Energetic of Yang

Yang is related to the Element of Fire, to your heart. It relates to joy and excitement and passion for life and your ability to love and receive love. This energy of the heart needs to connect down to the womb for pregnancy to occur.⁠

Many of us become burdened by the day to day stressors of life that we forget about the importance of fun and joy and inspiration. Many women in my practice have become frustrated and depressed or defeated by their fertility struggle that they've lost the sense of joy in their lives, in their marriage, even in sex.⁠

Since the energy of children is abundant in Yang, remembering what you loved to do during your childhood is a great way to connect with Yang energy. Don't just remember -- do it! Dance, Paint, Sing, Color, be with animals, etc. Play is Yang!


Yang Phase Tips

Everything in the Yang phase will be about both invigorating and warming our bodies.

Yang Phase foods should include warming spices like cloves, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon. Avoid cold -- as in iced beverages, ice cream, etc. 

Womb Warming Tea is specifically designed to support women during their Luteal Phase, and especially in cases of low progesterone, or temperatures that don't elevate in the second half of your cycle.⁠ It's rich in ingredients like cinnamon, funnel and ginger... There's a reason we all love Chai tea in the winter!  

If you tend to feel cold before your period (or throughout your whole cycle), have low libido or even decreased immunity, c
onsider hot baths, don't walk around barefoot, even consider a heating pad on your low back.⁠

Moxa (or moxibustion) is a highly effective way to use plant medicine to support your fertility, and is especially  during this phase.  Ai Ye or Mugwort is a warming and invigorating herb that is processed and formed into a "pole" which can be burned, almost like incense. The lit pole is held about 1 inch from your skin, over different acupuncture points on your body. The warmth and heat from the moxa stimulates and warms the reproductive organs. ⁠

Moxa is excellent for your partner's reproductive health as well.