One of the most effective ways to track your fertility

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One of the most effective ways to track your fertility

BBT Charting

Tracking your Basal Body Temperature is one of the most effective ways to track your fertility. Unlike your Ovulation Predictor Tests, your BBT not only shows you when your fertile window is, but can also indicate if there’s an issue during one of your phases that might be preventing you from conceiving.

For instance, tracking your LH surge alone will let you know if you’re ovulating, but with your BBT, you may find that your luteal phase temperatures aren’t getting high enough. This might indicate that you have low progesterone, or just that you need to use some womb warming products to help increase those temperatures so that implantation can occur.

Another example of how your BBT can be informative is if you see that your follicular phase (days 1-14) has an up-and-down or sawtooth pattern, as opposed to a steady, even temperature. This means that your body’s hormone levels may be off (often an indication of cortisol levels spiking and impacting estrogen levels), which impacts the growth of your egg/ follicle. In this instance, you’d need some cooling, yin nourishing support during this phase.

Understanding what should be happening in your cycle and why is such an important part of improving fertility.

Why An Ovulation Predictor Kit Only Tells You a Part of the Story

While of course it’s important to know if you’re ovulating based on the hormone levels in your urine, a significant temperature spike in your BBT chart (at least 5/10ths of a degree) is a good indication that you’ve ovulated. However, only knowing that you’ve ovulated isn’t really enough to tell you HOW to correct an imbalance that might be impacting fertility. For instance, if your temperature doesn’t STAY elevated, even if you’ve ovulated, conception won’t occur.

Watch this video and Download Your BBT tracker to understand how to take and track your BBT:

I created this video to help explain how to measure and chart your BBT as well as what to do if you notice a certain phase of your cycle is off. Remember, there are four distinct phases of your cycle, and during each phase, it’s important for certain energies to be in place for conception to occur. Hopefully you can start tracking as soon as possible… it’s a great way to understand what’s happening in your body every day.