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Here are some reviews from just some of the many women who have received support from the Wisdom of the Womb Fertility Products:


“One month after drinking Ferile Mama tea I got pregnant (After trying for 8 months) The first day I drank it I described to my husband “My ovaries are screaming!” Lol but honestly both of my ovaries were pulsating and I think this tea was to blame. ONE month later! Positive pregnancy test and I’m currently 8 weeks ❤️ so grateful!”

“I’m crying right now. Your tea has miracles. I haven’t seen blood since October 2018 today, I felt like mild cramps, and i just used the bathroom and it was light colored blood. I think my cycle is officially coming back. I’ve been working out and drinking your tea every day. Like I’m so grateful right now. Like I really can not believe it. Best gift ever for a woman that just don’t exactly know what’s going on with her body. I’m forever grateful for your teas and the work and dedication you put into it. And for testimony, I used Detox until finished, switched to B*tch’s Brew for 1 week.”

“Update: It’s officially here (period) after a WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR AND 3 MONTHS!!. You’re a miracle worker. Thank you so much.

“Positive ovulation test on CD15, only 3 weeks after starting the Fertile Moon Tea!! I cannot believe it, I have PCOS and it has been so long since I ovulated any earlier than CD25. Your tea is the only thing I have been doing different, not even letrozole had me ovulating on this day!!”

“Friday, Jan 31, 2020, Ultrasound, 5 weeks and 5 days Yolk sac in the uterus!! My beta-hcg was 2,438! Still Rising!!! I recommend your teas to everyone. I really do believe in the Fertile Mama Tea! I still can’t believe my FSH went from high double digits to 8.8 in a couple of weeks! Amazing!! Now I’m excited to try Blissful Mama Pregnancy Tea!”

“HI Love! Just want to say thank you. Wish you were here to I could hug you. After 4 years of waiting & praying, with only drinking one month of Fertile Mama and Fertile Moon, I finally witnessed the two lines on the test. I’m pregnant, and I thank you so much. Hope this little peanut sticks tightly. ”

“I just wanted to let you know I’ve been drinking your tea for a month and I just found out I am pregnant! I truly believe your tea helped. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to purchasing the Blissful Tea.”

“Hi Ariele. I have amazing news. I am pregnant. It’s still very early, about 6 weeks but I really don’t think I would have made it here naturally without your program. My partner and I both drank the teas for 2 months. I also did the Detox for 1 month and I think it truly helped. I have my first ultrasound next week to confirm everything but they have checked my HCG levels and they are increasing as expected.”

“I just want to let you know, I got my period. I am shook!! I didn’t get any symptoms, but I’ve never been happier to actually have my period! Lol. I haven’t bled on my own for a year. I depended on drugs to induce my period and only had 2 in all of 2019. Aiming for a baby, but this is a fab and triumphant 1st step for me.”

“I cannot wait to order more of your tea!! My cycle this month was sooo easy, light and little to no cramps AT ALL. Best cycle I ever had”

“I had a tubal reversal in July. I ordered the Fertile Mama Tea in October and I just wanted to tell you that I’m pregnant!! I’m praying that this little bean sticks.”

“I received my tea in the mail two weeks ago, which was the day I was set to ovulate. We’ve been trying for almost a year and nothing. I took a test today and I’m PREGNANT! Thank you so much for our Rainbow Baby!!!

“HI. I just wanted to let you know I took the Fertile Mama Tea days 6-12, started taking the Fertile Moon Tea day 13, still taking it, and I have gotten positive ovulation tests, but Monday night I got a dark dark LH line. Control line was lighter than it. I read that means that’s your peak day. I def had some activity down there, I’ve never had them so dark before starting this tea!”

“I just wanted to praise you for your life changing tea. Yesterday was the start of my first cycle since I started drinking the tea and it was also the first time in my life that I have not experienced any of the symptoms I previously told you about. I didn’t have to call out of work. I was happy and smiling because my problems have been solved. I will be purchasing more teas for my daughters as well. THANKS A MILLION.”

“I wanted to let you know that i”m trying for my last baby and have had a difficult time (maybe due to age although I had my last one at 41) but started drinking your Fertile Tea and I am pretty sure I felt myself ovulate!! Thank you so much for your amazing products!”

“I love my tea, it is so delicious. Also, I enjoy the womb rub because it makes me feel closer to my body. Thank you!”

“It’s a baby girl for me, ladies! Almost 13 weeks now. Thanks to Ariele Myers!”

“I just have to tell you that I have not been able to have a period on my own for almost a year. I have been having to take Metformin to start and this last month I said, “Okay, I’m really goig to buckle down and be good about drinking my Fertile Mamma Tea” so I did and I didn’t take my Metformin and guess what?! Today I started my period all by myself and I am so damn proud!”

“I learned so much from this course! My doctor wanted me to wait another year (after an entire year of trying!) but didn’t give me any advice, any tips… I only wish I had done this five years ago! I just got my first ever positive pregnancy test, and I know I have Ariele’s Master Class to thank.”

“After suffering 5 miscarriages, I started to believe that I wasn’t meant to have another child. I know I owe my successful pregnancy to Ariele. I conceived a few months after seeing her and using her techniques, which I used throughout my entire pregnancy. This was the first pregnancy where I felt positive and never once felt that fear that I always had with my prior pregnancies. Ariele is the real deal. I am eternally grateful to her. And as an added bonus, her essential oils and teas are simply AMAZING!”

“Just took two tests just now and both said YES!! OMG I am ECSTATIC!  Now to tell my husband”

“My husband and I had been trying for about 7 months and were not having any luck. Ariele provided me with tools, resources and methods to try, and these combined with herbs and focused treatment sessions helped us conceive within 6 weeks. I highly recommend this program.”

“I wanted to be a mother more than anything else in this world. Ariele has made that possible for me. I am eternally grateful.”

“The Tea worked!!!”

“I got my period this past Thursday!! So far it has been totally normal. I seriously can’t express how grateful I am to you for your incredible work and patience. I totally feel like the balance is coming.”

“After 2 years of trying to conceive, I ordered the Fertile Mama tea, started it on the first day of my cycle along with listening to the meditations and I’m pregnant now omgggggg I’m truly at a loss for words!! Thank you so much!!”

“I just had to update you. I started drinking the Fertile Mama Tea about 3 weeks ago, my period started this morning and I’m barely having cramps. Light cramps which aren’t stopping my day or requiring me to pop meds every four hours. You’re a God-send, thank you!”

“SOOOO!!!! After a couple weeks of drinking B*tch’s Brew, I finally got my period!!!!”

“We couldn’t wait, took the test. I’m pregnant!!!!!”

“kay kay. not pregnant but my journey has been all over the place. I took Femera for 1 year, had okay cycles. Since I’ve been off Femara, my cycles have been 60 something days in between. This is my first month using your tea and I GOT MY PERIOD TODAY!!CD 26!!! This is a huge step! I drank only the Fertile Mama Tea, on recommended days, haven’t even ordered the ther stuff yet, and it worked for at least this purpose for right now!! Thank you!!”

“I can’t even tell you how wonderful you are. I feel I owe this pregnancy to you! I’ve been singing your praises in all my groups. I really appreciate this and I’ll be keeping in touch, most definitely!”

“Ariele is a miracle worker with her Fertility Tea. First cycle using it, and … it worked! 40 years old, my fiance is 62!”

“This tea is marvelous!!! While I’m still experiencing discomfort due to my period, I feel like I can actually function! I didn’t get a migraine this cycle, just a dull headache that hung around for a few days. Cramping, fatigue, flow, back pain were all reduce to something that seems bearable! Cramping is still obviously uncomfortable but I’m not laid out in agonizing pain like I normally am. The nausea I experienced also seemed to be reduced an hormonal acne wasn’t even as bad this time around either. :)”



About the Author

Ariele is an acupuncturist, herbalist and women’s reproductive health specialist. In her fertility acupuncture practice, she found that many of her patients who were struggling to conceive were incredibly disconnected from their own reproductive health. She recognized that a huge component of the epidemic of female infertility is this fundamental disconnection from their own wombs. Ariele’s mission is to share this Wisdom of the Womb to empower women to understand their own fertility so that they can create the families they desire.

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Gisele Nadine YAMEOGO - May 26, 2020 Reply

Hi ArieleI just paid “Fertile Mama Tea: Herbal Blend to Support Follicular” and am waiting for delivery.
My question is the following. How should I take tea.
In the photo I see 2 packets of tea models. Is that right ???
My question is the following. How I have to take ???

Thank you.

Ariele Myers - May 26, 2020 Reply

Hi! It is loose leaf tea and will come with instructions on the back, as well as an insert for the tea schedule. Thanks!

D'Ana H - June 3, 2020 Reply

I just brought your tea and I’m so ecstatic to start drinking it. They just sent me an email letting me know my order is on it’s way.

Ariele Myers - June 4, 2020 Reply

Great!! Thanks so much for your order and hope it helps!

Fournier - July 12, 2020 Reply

I love green tea lattes! I usually don’t add any sugar to my hot green tea, but a little honey tastes really good with a latte. I agree they’re too sweet when you order them at a caffe. I can only drink lattes when I make them myself.

Keisha - July 27, 2020 Reply

I just received my tea can’t wait to drink it

Latia - August 3, 2020 Reply

Good afternoon
I have a question. Is Mama Fertility Tea safe to drink while on stim meds? I am doing a medicated IUI with Menopur. Thank you. LL

Ryan - August 10, 2020 Reply

Ok so I purchased the fertile moon,fertile mama,b*tch’s brew,detox and womb warming teas,well I haven’t received the brew yet it’s on the way, I do have all the other teas,so my question is Can I take them all in one day,my cycles are irregular and I don’t ovulate, I know you suppose to drink the b*tch’s brew to help with cycles but mine was done 2 days ago,so do I need to just drink the detox and fertile moon,and when my b*tch’s brew come,can I drink that as soon as it comes,I know my hormones are out of wack because I grow chin hair,so what do I need to start first to help with getting me a positive ovulation and positive pregnancy test

Ariele Myers - August 10, 2020 Reply

You shouldn’t drink them all the same day. It should have come with a tea schedule you can follow. You can also additionally drink 1 cup of Detox each day. If you just finished your period, you’ll be in the Yin phase and should drink the Fertile Mama as directed on the tea schedule.

Ariele Myers - August 10, 2020 Reply

Yes, it’s okay, just not while you’re stimming for an IVF cycle.

Yoshie godette - August 21, 2020 Reply

Hi how are you i just had the weight loss Surgery feb 19 2020 my boyfriend wants a baby and i am 50years old and he is 41years old please help me i want to also give him a baby Please help me 646 737 2231

Ariele Myers - September 2, 2020 Reply

Unfortunately, it’s much harder to get pregnant at age 50 but if you’re regularly menstruating you can definitely follow much of the support offered on the site, and you can also join the Facebook Wisdom of the Womb Be Fertile Group.

Arianna johson - September 18, 2020 Reply

First day drinking the tea , been trying for two months .. a little cramping but tastes great wish me baby dust !!

Tiesha Flowers - September 20, 2020 Reply

Hey what if i don’t menstruate on my own ? Where do i start ? My menstrual is only regular due to HRT ? So do i follow my hrt cycle with the teas ? And ween my way off the hrt ? And see what happens ? I was going to start with ovulation support & high fsh kits ? What would you suggest I’m 28 with Premature ovarian failure please help iam very desperate!!!!!! ?

Lala Ryan - September 28, 2020 Reply

Ho I just received mine in the mail and I had my first cup and for some reason I’m nauseous is that normal? i’ve been trying to conceive for about 6 months now

Arianna Johnson - October 6, 2020 Reply

Hey Ariel i just wanted to thank you and your products so much only after one month of using your teas i have my first positive after trying since July !! I used fertile mama tea after my period then fertile moon tea during ovulation first time i tracked and got positive tests as well ! Then maybe one or two days i used womb warming tea i felt the change i felt the pregnancy I’m so grateful

Ariele Myers - October 7, 2020 Reply

This is so beautiful to hear! I love that you were able to really feel your body, and I hope that you’ll continue to connect deeply throughout your pregnancy!

Ariele Myers - October 7, 2020 Reply

You may be detoxifying a bit from some of the more liver-clearing herbs in there. I’d make bit of a weaker cup for the next few days, and maybe start with 1 a day and then increase slowly if you continue to get nauseaous.

Ariele Myers - October 7, 2020 Reply

I can’t recommend that you go off the HRT but I do suggest talking to your doctor, and I’d probably recommend the High FSH kit alone to start, and go from there. XO

Melissa hyde - October 15, 2020 Reply

So I’ve been drinking these tea for 4months and for my 3 months before nothing happened but I felt that the teas were doing their job, I’ve been trying for 6 months and start drinking the teas for 4 months and Today a day before my next expected cycle I took two different test and they both came out positive feeling so blessed and I want to let you guys know that this products work and I want to say thank you wisdom of the womb for helping me conceive grateful. Baby dust to everyone who’s trying to get pregnant 🤰🏽 it’s a journey and mines just started.

Ariele Myers - October 15, 2020 Reply

So happy to hear this!! Thanks for sharing, Melissa, and best of luck to you!!

Toni - October 18, 2020 Reply

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and I have purchased your Fertile Moon Tea. I am on day 4 and since Day 1, I have had cramps. Is that normal?

Rashida - October 20, 2020 Reply

Why is it okay for IUI and not IVF?
I start IVF this Friday. Just wondering what teas i can drink to keep my uterus warm.😔

Stacy Hunter - October 26, 2020 Reply

Hello, I have suffered from fibroids for years with having 2 surgeries w/i 4 years apart. Per doctor that my tubes are clear and so is my uterus but I have still been unsuccessful at getting pregnant. What should I start with to start me on my journey?

Ariele Myers - October 30, 2020 Reply

Hi I’d start with womb massage. You can find that tutorial on YouTube channel Ariele Myers. You might also benefit from a round of B*tch’s Brew tea before moving on to the Fertile Mama Tea.

Ariele Myers - October 30, 2020 Reply

IT’s okay for IVF, just not while you’re stimming. The blissful Mama are both good for after transfer or the IUI.

Ariele Myers - October 30, 2020 Reply

Yes, cramps typically mean that blocked energy is moving, and that’s a good thing!

Ella O. - November 7, 2020 Reply

I’m on my 2nd batch of teas and I got a positive PT test today. This is after 3 yrs of TTC with POF, tubal factors and a failed IVF earlier this year . To say I’m shocked is an understatement. I’m still in denial. Only thing I did differently was use all the teas per my cycle, I used Bitch’s Brew the most. I started having mild bleeding yesterday so I though it’s my period coming after almost 7 weeks but there was no flow, just mild spotting here and there. I had severe nausea with retching and tender nipples so decided to take the test today. I’m still cautiously optimistic.
I do have a cold uterus and low progesterone which I believe caused my previous miscarriage. Can I continue with the Womb warming tea? What else can I do to keep my uterus conducive other than starting progesterone ?

Thank you Ariele and team

Ariele Myers - November 20, 2020 Reply

Wow! This is amazing to hear!! Once you have a positive pregnancy test, you’ll want to sop all the teas and only drink the Blissful mama Tea. So happy for you and I hope you’ll continue to keep us posted!! XO

Astrid Tonche - November 23, 2020 Reply

Hello, so I have been drinking your Detox tea for 26 days now, well 24 since I didn’t drink it for two days. However, before I tried your tea. I was struggling a lot with irregular cycles. A normal cycle for me is spotting (red/brown) for a 4-5 days and after, for another 4-6 days I would have a medium light flow bleed. Or, I would skip a month cycle and have one in 30 to 42 days. Yesterday, in a very long time I am finally feeling cramping and I see a normal bleed on my period that I have never been this happy and excited for my period. Thank you very much, now to start my Fertile Mama.

Shalonda Knox - November 28, 2020 Reply

Hey there, I just ordered Womb Warming and Morning Rooster for hubby. I already have Fertile Mama, Fertile Moon and Detox. My first batch arrived right when I was beginning my fertile/ovulation phase so I hopped right to Fertile Moon. I took and ovulation test and the test line was BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. It was even darker than the control line. I may not get pregnant THIS cycle but I’m well on my way. I can feel it😊 ……. Thx Ariel, you’re a GOD SEND!!! Baby dust to ALLLLLLLL of us soon to be mamas❤

Jessica - November 29, 2020 Reply

Is it okay to take the teas while on clomid? My doctor is wanting me to be on clomid this cyle but i really want to try the teas

Oma S. - December 17, 2020 Reply

I am 45yrs old, had two beautiful babies from my previous marriage. My husband desperately wants a child of his own. We have been trying for almost a year now, started taking infertile mama, fertile moon and Bitches brew tea but more of the Fertile mama and Bit brew. I still ovulate but recently have been having irregular periods. What do you recommend please? I am desperate.

Ariele Myers - December 22, 2020 Reply

This is such a good sign! So powerful to see our cycles changing and positively impacted by these herbs. XO

Ariele Myers - December 22, 2020 Reply

Wow!! SOOO good to hear! Please continue to keep me posted. XOOX

Ariele Myers - December 22, 2020 Reply

Yes, you can!!

Ariele Myers - December 22, 2020 Reply

Hi there! At 45, you may want to try the Wise Woman Tea… it’s for the natural decline in our kidney energy as we get older (and I’m 42, so I get it). XOXO

Annie - January 6, 2021 Reply

I have PCOS what tea would you recommend?

Ariele Myers - January 13, 2021 Reply

We have a PCOS bundle you can find at shop.wisdomoftheWombonline.com

Ella - January 21, 2021 Reply

Hi Ariele, I posted in Nov about my unexpected pregnancy after about 2 months of your tea. I’m heartbroken to announce I had a missed miscarriage at 16 weeks from complications of Trisomy 18. I’m so grateful that I found your products because the teas are the only reason I conceived naturally despite many imbalances/abnormalities: poor ovarian reserve, extremely low AMH, short luteal phase, low progesterone, cold uterus, fibroid, tubal factors. I also had an unsuccessful IVF early 2020. My FSH has surprisingly been normal

I’ll like to start trying again as much as possible. Age is not on my side. I’m 39, will be 40 in a few months. What can I do to improve my egg quality. What teas do I start with post miscarriage?
Thank you to you and your team for all you do.

Ariele Myers - January 22, 2021 Reply

So sorry to hear about your loss. The Wise Woman could be supportive for you during the follicular phase. I also like a product called MyCommunity by HOst Defense. YOu can get them on my partner site Wellevate.me/wisdomofthewomb. They contain cordyceps and other mushrooms that can be supportive. L.Arginine too can support egg quality. XOXO

Ella - January 29, 2021 Reply

Hello Ariele,
Can you give me more information about the Wise Woman tea. I recently bought it per your recommendation but the only information on your website is that it helps with the symptoms of menopause. I’m not peri-menopausal, and I’m still hoping to conceive after my miscarriage. How will wise woman tea help?

Thank you

Ariele Myers - January 30, 2021 Reply

Hi… Wise Woman is great for nourishing yin and blood. It’s our most yin and blood nourishing tea, which supports follicular development, thick uterine lining. So sorry for your loss… the wise woman can help replenish any yin and blood lost with the miscarriage.

Ariele Myers - January 30, 2021 Reply

So sorry for your loss. i’d use the Wise Woman to support your follicles.. you can also look at our recurrent miscarriage bundle to support the low progesterone and shortened luteal phase.– maybe wise woman during follicular phase and womb warming during Luteal phase.

Ruby - March 25, 2021 Reply

I was wondering what you would suggest, I’m 43 years old and have a very low amh and 27 fsh, along with your products what supplements would benefit me on my journey to conceive, I still have menstrual cycles but irregular, could you help??!!

Dee - April 2, 2021 Reply

Good day I am knew to your products and just ordered the Mama Moon Fertility Bundle. I am 41 yrs old,I had a miscarriage at 27 and has been difficult to get pregnant since. In 2017 I had a several fribiods removal big and small. I have 2 small ones left. At this point I have been told that perhaps there is scarring from my surgery that they can not see on my images. I had a procedure done to check my tubes (insert dye), my tubes are good no blockage. They prescribed Vit D to improve one of my hormones, that improved still not pregnant. I did 3 rounds of clomid, ovulation kit and timed intercourse. Still not able to get pregnant. I have noticed my last 3 periods are getting lighter. So I want to use the eggs I have left,lol. I pray the Mama Moon Fertility Bundle makes a difference. Please let me know if I should another tea to this regimen, I appreciate your input. Thank you and I will send updates!

Bioncha Tillman - July 10, 2021 Reply

Hey, so I have been actively trying for 2yrs. Before the 2yrs of now trying I have been off birth control a total of 4years. I went to the dr and he says everything is normal. I had a vaginal ultrasound done he said I had small cyst and my uterus was shifted and my pelvic was slightly large….. But he didn’t recommend me do anything but track my ovulation.. And I have for about 7months now. I first started just by tracking my cycles and now I am doing the Lh strips. . I have alot of hair growth on my neck chest and chin but I also have a regular cycle every month… Very little CM and low sex drive and that’s not like me…. Please help me where can you recommend that I should start. I have a 9yr old and our family really desire for her to have siblings. Thanks

Ariele Myers - July 14, 2021 Reply

HI… The birth control can put your body into a kind of PCOS state, so regardless of whether or not you have that diagnosies, I’d recommend our PCOS Bundle to support your body You can find it at shop.wisdomofthewombonline.com or take our fertility assessment on this page.

Ariele Myers - July 14, 2021 Reply

So sorry for your loss. I’d recommend the womb warming moxa as well as a product called Fibrovera You can get them for a discounted rate at wellevate.me/wisdomofthewomb … Look up FIBROVERA 90… they include Nattokinase and Serrapeptase and more. Best to take them with the teas…

Ariele Myers - July 14, 2021 Reply

Hi! I’d definitely recommend our High FSH bundle.

Adrienne Jones - September 2, 2021 Reply

I have just received my Fertile Mama Tea. I dranked the first cup this morning. I have severe PMDD and I have five fibroids. I am 41 years I been trying all my life. Never have gotten a positive pregnancy test. What do you recommend me to do, I still have the fibroids, haven’t had any surgery yet. Menstrual cycle comes on every two weeks, with severe migraines and vomiting. Please help me and my husband Ariel if you can. Do I drink the herbs in the tea also. Thank you so much.

Miranda - September 10, 2021 Reply

Hi Ariele, I just purchased your fertile mama tea and ear seeds unfortunately I was not able to purchase Fertile moon, detox soak or oil due to insufficient funds, I had a miscarriage in January and have been trying since I got the okay from my OB , no luck, I ovulate regularly but still nothing, do I need the whole bundle in order to conceive?

Navoneiwa Machibya - October 10, 2021 Reply

So was struggling with Pain when I get period ‘ after buying detox’ fertility mama’ and ovulation tea’s…I’m good now clean Period ‘ and no pain again.

Navoneiwa Machibya - October 10, 2021 Reply

Tea help me to be in 28 circle no more long days…fertility mama tea helps me.

Daphney Denise Jennings - December 2, 2021 Reply

I have been drinking the tea all last month and as today exactly a month later no period. Haven’t took the test yet but I’m almost positive it’s gonna be positive because I never miss a cycle ever. Thank you.

Ashley - December 7, 2021 Reply

Hi, Ariele! I have been drinking the fertile mama tea cycle days 1- 16 and then switching to womb warming tea from 17 to when I got a faint positive test. I stopped drinking the tea thinking I was pregnant (I do want to say , THANK YOU!! We have been trying for over a year until I started your magnificent teas!) But then I had a chemical pregnancy and started my period on time, and might I add, shortened cycle. I went from 40 day cycles to 31 this last cycle, thanks to you! Should I have given myself more time drinking the tea before trying to conceive? I’ve had 2 miscarriages and 2 chemical pregnancies in the last 3 years. I’m taking prenatal vitamins, folic acid and vitamin d for vitamins. I’ve had hormones checked and a clear hsg in the last year. Again, thank you so much for your incredible tea!! You are truly a miracle worker!

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

Hi!! You can check out our Endometriosis and Fibroid Bundle which is available at shop.wisdomofthewombonline.com… but don’t eat the herbs, you can strain those out.

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

No, you can really just do what you can. Just making some small changes even can help. Read up on the blogs as there is a lot of free info there you can do for free, and for sure the womb massage.

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

Ya! Awesome to hear!!

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

Awesome to hear!!

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

Please keep us posted!!!

Ariele Myers - January 17, 2022 Reply

Wow!! This is so good to hear! Yes, sometimes our body needs a bit more time to nourish and heal, so I would give yourself at least a couple more cycles… but wow, yes, amazing. Also womb massage can be super supportive for you. If you haven’t been doing it, you can find my video on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ArieleMyersWisdomoftheWomb
Keep us posted!!

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