Guided Womb Journeys


While I feel confident that the time will come when I have the space, time and energy to do so, I closed my private practice a few months into the COVID pandemic.

With my kids home from school for 15 months, I was able to sit with the reality that these years before they head out into the world will be brief … and I want to be fully and physically present for as much of it as possible.

Womb work is intense. It can be heavy. It’s a lot to hold. And while I recognize the honor of holding it for any woman willing to dive deep, the pandemic offered me a shift in perspective, and I decided to focus professionally on my online offerings… my shop and my podcast, Moon Mother Magic, as well as my writing.

Energetically, it feels like I am able to either go wide or go deep, but for now, not both. The path that feels most clear to me at this time is in serving as many women as possible while honoring the reality of my own capacity. It’s humbling to recognize I cannot do both “successfully” and it feels like an intentional and powerful boundary to not push myself to do so.

My vision for the future is that when my boys leave the house, rather than feeling the despair of an ending, I’ll recognize the possibility of a beginning… or rather, a restart. I imagine retreats and womb journeys, diving into this work together. I will have done the “wide” work that will hopefully have allowed for me to both financially and physically support my family, and be able to relax into the work I know I’m here to do…

Until then, my hope is that you will find some support in the offerings I do have available, including my products, meditations, workshops and upcoming podcast. While I won’t be working with you one on one, I do hope that my work is still able to connect with you deeply and personally, and reach you in all the places that need love and healing, in your body, womb, heart and spirit.

Womb Journeying is the most intimate and advanced work that I do, and I feel humbled and honored by the growth and unfolding that I have witnessed.

A Womb Journey may be the appropriate medicine for you if you feel there may be energetic blocks in your womb, if you believe that you are holding trans-generational trauma that you would like support clearing, if you feel there is a deep, energetic block preventing you from conceiving, or you just want to connect with and understand the power of your womb.

Womb Journeying entails a deep dive into the shadowy-depths of our wombs, where our deepest longings, desires, shame and darkness is held. This isn’t a journey of “love and light.” It can be intense, but I have full trust that shining the light on our deepest places is where true healing takes place.

Women who have journeyed with me have “met” their future children , released the energy of past lovers, healed wounds related to Mother Energy and connected to the magic of the Divine Feminine.

A Womb Journey is an intensely powerful and ultimately personal experience. I hold safe space, create a ritual and work with plant allies… the combination becomes a sacred vessel for the journey that ultimately allows you to surrender to this sacred spiral dance of the womb.

Womb Journeying is a 1 day “event,” but it begins with an Initial consultation (usually done by Video Call).

If you decide to move forward, we meet for 2 Acupuncture sessions/ Womb Healing sessions before the Womb Journey, as well as a follow up session after the Journey.

Acupuncture Sessions take place in my Boulder office, while Womb Journeying is in a more remote Boulder location which will be disclosed upon scheduling

I only schedule 1-2 journeys a month, so space is incredibly limited. Once you contact me, we can arrange for a time to meet for a video call interview to see if journeying together feels resonant for both of us. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions.

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