Will these herbs "work"?

Posted by Ariele Myers on

Will these herbs "work"?

I'm taking a little moment for a PSA about our relationship with herbs. We get asked all the time if our herbal blends will "work for you." ⁠

In a word... NO.⁠
I'd prefer they not "work" for you. ⁠

I get it. Most of us were raised in a big Pharma industry mindset... ⁠

Have a problem? ⁠
Take this pill. ⁠
It'll work for you. ⁠
Or it won't.⁠
And if it doesn't work for you, it's failed you. And so you have no use for it. ⁠

I'm here to remind you that plants, herbs... are Mama Earth's abundance. ⁠

We can actually take the time and energy to explore the relationship... explore what this herb or that herb awakens in your body when you choose to pay attention. ⁠

I want to help you connect with an awareness of the option to participate in a relationship based on respect and reciprocity, so that these herbal blends can support you in better connecting with your body... the body that shares the same Energetic Mama as the plants you're ingesting. ⁠

What if we related to our environment rather than consumed it? ⁠

Consumerism and Fertility are literally at opposite ends of the energetic spectrum. ⁠

I DO understand what you're asking, when you want to know if these products will work for you, but language is important, and language arises from the systems in which ideas develop. We are living in a seriously dysfunctional system of Consumerism ... which is consumptive... of the Earth and of US.⁠

So it feels important to me to at least point to why this language, and this expectation of these plant allies to "work" ...is problematic. ⁠

When we can change some of our language, we can change our minds... and when we can change our minds, we can better explore some of the systems in place in which we formulate our ideas... ⁠

And I have to tell you something super important: ⁠
most of these systems are actually NOT in service of our well-being. ⁠

Another question to explore: Is it possible that you have the same expectation of YOUR BODY... to "work" for you? And if it doesn't work the way you want it to... do you see it as having failed? ⁠

I'd love to know what you think...