B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam

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B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam

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B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam supports fertility and menstrual health. 

Yoni Steaming is a practice that has been passed down through generations of women for centuries, and can support a wide range of reproductive health issues, but mostly helps you connect with your womb and your menstrual cycle


  • Reduce pain, cramping, bloating and fatigue associated with ovulation and menstruation.
  • Decrease heavy menstrual flow, eliminate and lessen clotting and spotting. 
  • Regulate irregular menstrual cycles, including ovulation. 
  • Increase fertility, especially when used in conjunction with other Wisdom of the Womb teas and support. 
  • Ease menopausal symptoms such as dryness and pain during sex. 
  • Reduce chronic yeast infections and normalize vaginal bacteria. 
  • Speed healing after childbirth, including vaginal tears and episiotomies. 
  • Reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.
  • Assist with the healing of hemorrhoids.
  • Supports Yin Energy, which in turn, supports healthy follicular development.
  • Brings warmth into the womb, which can support the luteal phase of the cycle. 
  • Can heal cervical issues and promote healthy cellular development. 

    Click here for more information about how and when to steam, how to create rituals around steaming and more.

    While specific "Yoni steam" seats are available at various resources on the web, they can be expensive, upwards of $75. Of course, you're welcome to purchase one of those, but even a simple toilet seat from Home Depot will suffice and will save you a lot of money. 

    Not intended for pregnant women. Discontinue use once you have a positive pregnancy test. 


    Organic Ingredients: Rose Petals, Calendula, Yarrow Flower, Lavender Flower, Rosemary Leaf, Comfrey, Mugwort, Motherwort

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    ❤️ Truth, Love, Trust & Support 'Baby Dust' Promise...
    "This is my life's work and I promise to always love, honor and support you on your journey towards having a beautiful healthy baby."

    -Ariele Myers 🌕
    Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified Herbalist, and Fertility Specialist.
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    Natasha W.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product


    The ******* Brew Yoni Steam works amazing!! I actually bought a yoni steamer as I didn’t want to be hovered over a toilet that more than myself use, anyway I only paid $60 for it and it was worth every penny!! The yoni herbs smells amazing and OMG the benefits are SUPER SUPER AMAZING!! Sorry for any tmi but after the steam it got quite interesting down there!! I woke up wet and ***** lol!! I won’t steam as much as I don’t want to mess anything up but I will steam on the recommended times that’s on the package!! Stop reading the reviews and buy this tea already!! I have brought everything from Ear Seads, Fertile mama Tea, Detox Tea, and morning rooster for my husband!! These products work! I’m not paid to do this review as I’m a real customer with problems other doctors wanted to shrug off as infertility, when my ****** wouldn’t show I was told it was early menopause and to be ready for it all because I didn’t see my ****** in two months!! One week of using wisdom of the womb products my ****** resumed along other things!!! Last word of advice, HURRY UP AND BUY!!

    United States United States

    22 weeks pregnant!

    Thanks to your motivation and uplifting page I never gave up. I used your teas, the rooster tea for my husband and the yoni steam! Though we had 4 miscarriages, I am now 22weeks preg!!! Still a way to go but halfway there.

    United States United States

    The biggest game changer!

    I just want to spread positivity and speak my gratitude for Ariele and all her staff for allowing this work to "do" them. I started drinking the detox tea in August 2022 completed the whole bag and started the fertile mama, fertile moon, womb warming and the b*tches brew. I also used the bath soaks, yoni steam, and womb massage oils. The biggest game changer was investing in the Fertility Fix program. I just received my positive pregnancy test! This is my first pregnancy and I'm overjoyed! Allow this work to truly "do" you and aim to enjoy each phase of your cycle! Each cycle you are truly strengthen your fertility.

    Niomi D.
    United States United States

    Product review

    Best thing I could of start using for my vaginal area it make me feel so good every time I use it before and after my period. It also help me with my fibroids and menstrual cramps. I would recommend this product and their other one too. Thank you for your amazing product that change my life

    United States United States

    These herbs are the truth!!!

    HONEYYYYY these herbs are the truth‼️‼️ I sufferED from irregular period’s, I went to the doctor they prescribed birth control to help balance my hormones… GOD IS GOOD‼️ALL THE ⏰ because he led me to this page for all natural healing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @wisdomofthewomb Yoni stem , I stem a week before my menstrual & literally ON TIME IF NOT A DAY OR TWO EARLY, NO CRAMPS, NO BLOOD CLOTS… I’m headed to the site to buy more right now❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    United States United States

    My sweet little angel arrived on 10/25

    My sweet little angel arrived on 10/25 two weeks early but after all my family has been through in the past 6 months, his arrival is perfect � Started taking the Detox and Fertile Moon Teas from the PCOS bundle in January daily after two failed rounds of clomid. Along with the teas, I was taking prenatals, iron, folic acid, super b complex, vitamins A, E, and D and also drinking moringa root tea. Then in March, I got my positive test ✨ don’t give up ladies! Be patient with yourselves and shift your focus from trying to conceive. The mind is very powerful and if you’re only doing the baby dance with the end goal of pregnancy, you’re already putting too much stress on your body. Relax and just go with the flow �

    Wisdom of the Womb B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam Review
    United States United States

    Today I delivered my baby... after not becoming pregnant for 11 years due to PCOS

    Today I delivered my baby. 7lbs 20in. After not becoming pregnant for 11 years due to PCOS. I first thank God for blessing me with another child. Then I thank you and your team and your life altering teas. Besides prayer the teas were the only thing I used to nourish my body to be able to conceive,carry and deliver a healthy baby. So thank you. And to all the women trying..keep at it! I’m a testament to the miracle that is Wisdom of the Womb

    United States United States


    My favorite product so far! I Have tried many products and this is by far my favorite. Make sure you're mediating and finding your silence when using this. It is so calming, healing and fantastic. I have since purchased in bulk, gave to all of my friends and family and have not stopped talking about it. This is really an amazing way to relax and bring yourself to your body.

    Vinika T.

    Best yoni steam

    I’ve recently started using this yoni steam due to vaginal dryness, complications with my cycle being irregular. After using this product holy grail! My cycle was totally different. The first cycle after the first use I had lots of clots and minor cramping(it was cleaning me out) second cycle after using this I had no clots, no cramps, lighter period and bright red blood! It’s also a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. I use this steam twice after my period and twice before it starts. Definitely a miracle.

    Sara L.
    United States United States

    I want to thank Wisdom of the Womb products for helping me conceive

    my rainbow baby arrived 8/3/21 Ms. Denver is now two months. I want to thank Wisdom of the Womb products for helping me conceive. It was not easy ladies. I had to learn my body, get test done and made sure i ***** all my teas on schedule. Detox ******* brew Fertile mama Fertile moon Also did yoni steams 2x a month. It took me 1 1/2 year, and yes i was on BC for 12 years. Best of luck to everyone

    Wisdom of the Womb B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam ReviewWisdom of the Womb B*tch's Brew Yoni Steam Review