How to Support Follicle Health During the Yin Phase of Your Cycle

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How to Support Follicle Health During the Yin Phase of Your Cycle

This is one of a 4-part series on the phases of the menstrual cycle.

While I’ve posted before about how to support your yin phase in more physical ways, this series is about the energetic of the phases of the cycle.


The Yin Phase is the time of your menstrual cycle during which your follicles are developing. Yin is related to the element of water and is associated with Winter. To activate your water energy, envision a snow scene, where the earth is blanketed with snow. Imagine the silence and the stillness of the snow. Passive. Receptive.

But water can also be fierce, like the goddess, Kuan Yin. Like the ocean, it can be unrelenting. While it may look calm and still, there’s the potential for devastating intensity. There is stillness, until there’s a volcanic burst of energy and activity that propels you into the next phase, maybe into ovulation, into action, into the energy of wood or spring.

During the Yin Phase, your follicle is being nurtured and nourished until the water energy bursts forth, encouraging an LH surge and ovulation. This time is about gestation, of receptivity, of waiting and patience and being in the not-doing.

Yin, water… is one of the most powerful forces on earth. This power flows through you, accumulating in your womb. Femininity. True feminine power.

We have not necessarily been living in a culture where true yin feminine power has historically been allowed to be expressed. Many women live their entire lives without truly even beginning to grasp the magnitude of the power within them. Yin, femininity, is often seen as less than. Women often respond to the toxic masculinity of our culture by becoming the counterpart to that… perhaps allowing herself to believe that her true value lies in her ability to stay attractive. To look good. To be thin. To stay small. Or perhaps she bypasses her true feminine strength, and absorbs the idea that true strength is forceful, yang, masculine strength. Perhaps she stuffs down her vulnerability and becomes “strong”, becomes a do-er, a go-getter, successful in the business world. Perhaps her idea of value is simply a reflection of our masculine-valued culture’s ideal.

Powerful. Driven. Tough.

True feminine power is not a reflection of anything. It is a force in and of itself, a force to be reckoned with. This force lies within each of us, often dormant. Often waiting, hoping to be tapped into.

The energy of the Yin phase is about trusting that you are and you have everything you will ever need, contained within you. It is not about being strong enough or pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough.

It is about trusting that at every moment, every day, you have the ability to tap into this power and know, truly know and believe and feel with every cell in your body, that you are a freaking goddess. And that you have the ability to fill space with wholeness.

During your Yin Phase, I encourage you to focus on feeling your bigness, your abundance, your juiciness. Your follicles will follow suit.

Both my Fertile Mama Soak and my Fertile Mama Tea were formulated specifically to support women during the Yin Phase of her cycle. Use both on cycle days 5-11.