Deepening into Your Yin Phase

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Deepening into Your Yin Phase

The Yin Phase is my favorite phase. Of course, we tend to feel really good after we bleed (as opposed to right before) , but I also feel it is often the most important when it comes to overall fertility. 

Especially if you've been diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility, High FSH, Low AMH, amenorrhea or delayed ovulation, Premature Ovarian Failure or Diminished Ovarian Reserve, understanding and healing this phase of your cycle is incredibly important. 


The YIN phase is the time period post-menstruation and pre-ovulation. 

Depending on how long your period lasts, it is approximately Days 6-11, and begins the day that you're no longer bleeding, and ends just before ovulation. It relates to the Follicular Phase of your cycle.

Yin is responsible for uterine lining health, follicle growth and health, estrogen balance, cervical fluid and so much more. I believe it is the number one most important aspect of fertility, and often the phase that is the most out of balance. 

Your basal body temperatures during this phase should be low, at least a half of a degree (5/10ths) lower than the lowest temperature in your luteal phase. Watch this short video to learn how to track your temps. 

During this phase, we focus on cooling, nurturing and nourishing your follicles to support the quality of your eggs.  One of these nurtured follicles will be ovulated in the next cycle phase, the QI Phase.

This time is about gestation, of receptivity and growth, of waiting and patience and being in the not-doing. 

If you're using my teas, the Fertile Mama Tea will best support this cycle phase.

Nourishing/ Nurturing/ Flowing/ Receiving

The Yin Phase is the easiest for me to talk about but the hardest to “do” because yin is all about BEing. 

Most of us have been raised to place value on the mental, logical, rational mind. In progress and productivity. If we daydream or have a “lazy” day, many of us feel guilty about it. We don’t spend a lot of time on the mythical, mystical or magical because many of us don’t see the benefit, or the “purpose.”

I truly believe that this crisis of infertility and of female health in general is a direct response to this systemic undervaluation of Yin. I'll save that convo for another time, or you can read more about my thoughts about that here. 

Yin is not about purpose or productivity. It’s about flow and receptivity. For many of us, that concept is so far removed from our typical way of thinking. I’m going to try to “explain” yin here, both through words and sensations.

I know so many of you just want me to tell you what to DO, and I will. AND I also want you to start to consider how the magical and mystical, creative and lunar exist in your life, if they do at all.

As much as we can grasp the concept of Yin with our mind, we can’t really increase Yin or support Yin or feel Yin with our mind. It’s a body-felt experience. Yin comes to us in our dreams, in our pleasure, in our bodies, in our spirit, in our wombs.

Yin is dancing with your eyes closed just to feel the way your body moves through space.
Yin is lying under a tree and imagining being held by the tree’s roots, seeing shapes in the clouds.
Yin is experiencing pure pleasure at the touch of a lover’s fingers, trusting that your body is perfectly receptive.
Yin is making decisions from the deep knowing in your belly.
Yin is looking forward to your day of doing absolutely nothing just because. 
Yin is trusting your body’s knowing about what she needs more than you trust a doctor or even me. 
Yin is feeling safety in life, because you are held by the perfect safe vessel of your own body.
Yin is trusting the Universe, Mother Earth.
Yin is walking through the star-lit night, feeling the breeze on your skin and feeling entirely safe.
Yin is the night time, night-time seeing, the dream-like state. 
Yin is trusting that your dreams have meaning and are just as valuable and important as your waking thoughts. 
Yin is sensual, pleasure flowing movement, grace, connection.

Yin and the element of Water is one of the most powerful forces on the Earth This power flows through you, accumulating in your womb. 

It's about trusting that at every moment, every day, you have the ability to tap into this power and know and believe and feel with every cell in your body that you are divine. And that you have the ability to fill space with wholeness.


I like to think of Yin as the energy that adds the juiciness to our wombs, our ovaries and our follicles. 
Nourishing your yin feels and looks a lot like nourishing yourself, your body, your spirit. It may sound simple but many of my patients feel disconnected from their eggs, their womb. it's important to recognize that your eggs are a part of you. When you feel frazzled and burnt out, your eggs experience the same. When you nurture yourself, you are also nurturing your eggs.

  1. Focus on activities that keep you breathing smoothly -- yoga, relaxing strolls through the woods, meditating, baths.  I know that life is still happening, but it's important to find ways to manage your stress levels.
  2. Try to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and being in bed by 10PM is ideal.
  3. Womb Massage during this phase is awesome.
  4. Foods that nourish this phase: Avocados and healthy fats and oils, nuts and seeds, organic eggs, dark meat chicken and duck, fatty fish like sardines and salmon. 
  5. Oh, and yes, NOW Is the time to start having SEXXXXX!! Don't wait for ovulation. Sperm can live for 5 days so as soon as you're done bleeding, start having sex every other day. If you wait for your "fertile window," in whatever APP you're using, it's too late!