Yoni Steam FAQ

  • What Is a Yoni Steam?
    • Yoni Steaming, also known as Vaginal (or V) Steaming, is a powerful techniques that has been used by women across cultures for centuries, in which the steam from blend of womb-supportive herbs gently permeates a woman's vagina. This ancient technique is used to promote menstrual-cycle health, overall reproductive health and fertility. 
  • Who Should Be Yoni Steaming? 
    • Any woman who wants to connect with her womb and reproductive health should experience Yoni Steaming. You don't need an "ailment" for this to be beneficial to you, as we feel it's a potent way for every woman to connect with the power of her womb. However, this practice is especially for any woman who suffers from fibroids, endometriosis, uterine or ovarian cysts, chronic vagina infections, yeast infections, post-surgical such as C-section or hysterectomy, Post-childbirth tearing, episiotomy (as long as there are no open wounds and you are no longer bleeding), hemorrhoids, etc. 
  • Who Should Not Be Yoni Steaming?
    • Women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant should not be Yoni Steaming. Women should not steam while they are in the blood phase of their cycle, or menstruating. Because some of the herbs in the steam could cause stronger contraction of the uterus, women who have an IUD should not steam. 
  • How Often Should I Yoni Steam?
    • You can perform a steam up to 3 times per week, but our recommendation is 2-3 times per month, ideally at least once during each phase of your cycle (just not the blood phase). For pain during menstruation, you may want to steam 2 times during the week before your period is due. When you're actively trying to conceive, it's best to steam 2-3 times before ovulation. For healing from surgery or childbirth, as long as there are no open wounds and you're not bleeding, steaming up to 3 times a week is recommended. 
  • I noticed that my cycle was different, I had spotting or cramping after the Steam. Is this okay?
    • Yes!! The herbal blend and steam can actually cause some uterine contraction as it clears out old and stagnant blood and energy. This can change your cycle for a month or two, but it's actually a healing, beneficial process. As healing energy brings QI to the uterus, stagnant blood and energy can be moved out, which may result in spotting, shedding clots, temporary change in blood flow, etc. 
  • Can I use essential oils instead of the Herbal Blend? 
    • Nope! Essential oils will be way too strong for this purpose. They can actually irritate your sensitive mucus membranes. The herbs were chosen for their gentle and skin-soothing properties.