Can I Still Have a Baby at 40?

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About the Author

Ariele is an acupuncturist, herbalist and women’s reproductive health specialist. In her fertility acupuncture practice, she found that many of her patients who were struggling to conceive were incredibly disconnected from their own reproductive health. She recognized that a huge component of the epidemic of female infertility is this fundamental disconnection from their own wombs. Ariele’s mission is to share this Wisdom of the Womb to empower women to understand their own fertility so that they can create the families they desire.

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Aneesah - September 26, 2019 Reply

Hello. I just received your Fertile Mama Tea and love it! I am looking to do a liver detox using Pure Encapsulations Detox Pure Pack, however, I currently am taking a fertility multi-vitamin/supplement (FH PRO by Fairhaven Health). I see that the Detox Pure Pack also includes a multi-vitamin. Would it be best to discontinue my use of my regular fertility multi-vitamin while taking the Detox Pure Pack? Also, I have PCOS and was wondering what of your other products do you specifically recommend for PCOS?

    Ariele Myers - September 26, 2019 Reply

    Hi Aneesah! So glad you’re enjoying the Fertile Mama Tea. I would finish up the multi-you have, or take a break from it, use the Detox and then go back to the Multi. I love Pure Encapsulations, but definitely wouldn’t overlap. For PCOS, I definitely recommend my womb massage with the womb healing massage oil. Here’s the link for the womb massage video;
    Depending on your symptoms and your cycle, I like to combine the Fertile Mama Tea (days 5-12) with Fertile Moon for ovulation support (days 13-16) and then B*tch’s Brew until your period comes and then switch back to Fertile Mama after it’s over. For some women, they need some womb warming support too, which I would do after the Fertile Moon. But it depends on your cycle. If you let me know a bit about your PMS symptoms, etc, I can help you decide. But for now, just doing the Fertile Mama is good, and you can see what changes. Keep me posted, and good luck!!

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