Reset Your Fertility

with the Wisdom of the Womb

Learn how you can make positive changes every day to bring your body into the rhythm of your cycles, to improve your reproductive health and increase fertility... naturally.




Complete Fertility Kit/ Products Not Included with the Course

Have you been trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully, for months or even years? 

This is a seriously strange and intense time in all of our lives. So many women have contacted me in the past few weeks to tell me that they want to use this time to get in touch with their fertility, understand and heal their cycles. I believe that connecting with our womb, with the Divine Feminine, is our birthright, and I also trust that this connection is what gets us all through this...together. 

Who can benefit from this course?

Have you been diagnosed with Unexplained Fertility? Or have you just started trying, but don't seem to be getting pregnant? Are you starting to get depressed when you bleed each month? 

Have you been reading those memes about all the babies that will be born in 9 months... and wondering if you'll be one of those new mamas? 

Do you have endometriosis? Fallopian Tube Blockage? Fibroids? PCOS? Painful periods? Or no periods at all? 

Are you just not exactly sure what's wrong? Or maybe you do know what's wrong, but have no idea what to DO about it? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're exactly who this course is for. 

This course will guide you through each phase of your cycle, so that you can make effective choices each day. You'll learn about how to detoxify your body to support hormone balance, how to track your BBT so you can see exactly what's happening during each phase of the cycle, tips techniques to support fertility during the different phases, ovulation and implantation support, cycle phase meditations and more.

And we offer tons of virtual support to help you select the best products for your specific situation. 


This is an self-guided online course that you can take at your own pace. Watch each lesson as many times as you want, use as much time as you need to let the information sink in and make sense. You can come back to each lesson every time you're in that particular cycle phase. The meditations are to be listened to at least twice during each cycle phase as well. There are 6 modules, plus meditations. 

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Complete Fertility Kit/ Products Not Included with the Course

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll have access to the entire course as soon as you sign up, so you can go through it all immediately and then go back to it as you desire. You'll also receive an email upon purchase which will include your Complete Fertility Guide, which will offer support and tips for each cycle phase, supplement recommendations, support for your partner, a meal plan for each cycle phase, BBT charts and much more. Be sure to enter your email correctly, as you don't want to miss out on this important information. 

Connect with Your Body

This is the wisdom we were ALL supposed to get when we first got our periods... this is supposed to be ingrained in our woman-hood. We should have been circling with our mothers and sisters in Red Tents, but that knowledge was slowly taken from us as we moved further and further away from the deep reverence for the Divine Feminine and Womb Energy. 

Connect with the Earth

The body is a microsystem of the universe, and each cycle phase relates to an element of the Earth. With each phase, we focus on bringing your body into resonance with the energy of the element it relates to. For example, the blood phase is related to the Metal Element or the Fall, and is about letting go of what we no longer need. Imagine a tree shedding its leaves in the autumn. 

Trust Your Ability to Have a Baby

This course and the Wisdom of the Womb has supported hundreds of women not only have a baby, but understand their cycle and their fertility, so that they can continue to feel connected to the magic of their wombs. When you understand your reproductive health, you can heal your cycle and trust that you have all the tools to remain connected to your fertility. 

Connect with Plant Allies

During each cycle phase, we recommend using plant allies for womb massage, teas, bath soaks and more. Support your womb, your hormones and your cycle with the Earth's bounty. We believe in the abundance of Mother Earth, and combine her botanical medicinals with proven healing modalities to support your reproductive health.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

"HI Love! Just want to say thank you. Wish you were here to I could hug you. After 4 years of waiting & praying, I finally witnessed the two lines on the test. I'm pregnant, and I thank you so much. Hope this little peanut sticks tightly. "

Hi Ariele. I have amazing news. I am pregnant. It's still very early, about 6 weeks but I really don't think I would have made it here naturally without your program. I have my first ultrasound next week to confirm everything but they have checked my HCG levels and they are increasing as expected."

"After suffering 5 miscarriages, I started to believe that I wasn't meant to have another child. I know I owe my successful pregnancy to Ariele. I conceived a few months after seeing her and using her techniques, which I used throughout my entire pregnancy. This was the first pregnancy where I felt positive and never once felt that fear that I always had with my prior pregnancies. Ariele is the real deal. I am eternally grateful to her. And as an added bonus, her essential oils and teas are simply AMAZING!"

" had irregular periods for 6 years. My last pregnancy was 10 years ago.  March 22nd I was confirmed pregnant by blood test and ultrasound and now I am 8 weeks and 1 day. Although my purpose for drinking the tea was to get a regular menstruation, we got way more than we bargained for. I'm not sure what magic is in there, but I'm hoping this continues to give other women hope. The only thing I did different was drink the tea. You're such an inspiration.... do not stop! Thank you!  

- Zakayah, Age 30

Here's what’s in the course...


Lesson 1: Preconception Detoxification

In my experience, the most important thing every woman should do before trying to conceive is have a detoxification month. In this lesson, I'll make recommendations for dietary changes, exercise, skin care and product tips and pre-conception testing. I have many patients who just did this detox month and conceived the following month.


Lesson 2: Cycle Overview and Tracking your BBT

This may be the trickiest part of understanding your reproductive health, but it's also one of the single most important things you'll be doing in tracking your fertility. Even if you've been using another app, I recommend that you watch this lesson as I've had a lot of women who were actually not tracking correctly, which can throw off your whole chart.  


Lesson 3: Blood Phase

This phase starts on the first day you wake up bleeding. We'll explore how you feel before, during and after your period and what those symptoms might mean, as well as tests you can take during this time. We also discuss miscarriages and what you can start doing today to support carrying a pregnancy to full term. 


Lesson 4: Yin Phase

The Yin Phase is the time after your period and before ovulation, when your follicles are growing, you're supporting the later thickening of the uterine lining and estrogen is at its peak. In this video, I'll discuss thyroid imbalances, stress, sleep, auto-immunity, and yin-supportive "chill" practices. I also make recommendations for supplements and herbal support. 


Lesson 5: Qi Phase

This Lesson is all about ovulation and Sex! I suggest watching this lesson before you actually ovulate, so you'll know when to begin having sex to promote optimal chances for conception. We'll talk about what it might mean if you ovulate late or not at all, and you'll get support for encouraging regular, effective ovulation. 


Lesson 6: Yang Phase

The Yang Phase occurs after ovulation and, in this lesson, we'll talk about implantation, and I'll teach you my tried and true implantation protocol. You'll learn how to figure out if your temperatures are warm enough during this phase, which would indicate sufficient progesterone, and what to do if they're not. 


Module 2: Advanced Phase Fertility Meditations

My purpose for the meditations is to really help you understand where and how each of the Earth's energies lives within you. When you can cultivate your own Yin and Yang Energy, you have enough energy to create life. when you can cultivate your own Earth energy, you have enough energy to sustain life. This advanced work is incredibly important, so while it may not feel like "doing" anything, it's an active part of this course, and I encourage you not to skip it. 


The Course Actually Comes with So Much More!

If you have ever ordered anything from me before, you know that I tend to give you tons of bonus materials, because I want you to have everything you need to heal your cycle. Upon ordering, you'll receive an email with links to all of this extra bonus material, so be sure to enter your correct email address so as not to miss out!

Bonus 1
Fertility Food Plan

I created this meal plan because I realized that so many of my patients who thought they were eating "healthy" were actually eating foods that weren't beneficial for their fertility. This includes salads for every meal. Surprised? Diet food doesn't always mean healthy food. 

You'll learn about the foods that are best for overall fertility, as well as an example meal plan for each phase of your cycle... because our bodies need different nourishment during the different phases of our cycle. 

Bonus 2
Complete Fertility Booklet

This booklet is a great companion to the course, and helps lay out the cycle phasing for those of you who are more visual learners. It breaks down the recommendations for each phase, and includes the appropriate herbal blends and products for each phase. It will list supplement recommendations for both you and your partner, picture guides

Bonus 3
Womb Massage Tutorial

You'll also receive links to my Fertility Womb Massage Tutorial, which is such an important part of the course in that it not only promotes reproductive health, but it deeply connects you to the energy of your womb. 

Womb massage has been used for centuries for healing reproductive disorders and regulating menstrual cycles, and I believe strongly that all women should understand this ancient practice. 

About The Course Teacher,
Ariele Myers, L.Ac.

Ariele opened Ariele's Apothecary in 2008, Hoboken, NJ's premier Fertility Wellness Center. She established relationships with all of New York City's leading reproductive endocrinologists, including RMA and IRMS and supported thousands of women in becoming pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to full term. 

In 2016, Ariele sold her practice and moved with her family to Boulder, Colorado. While she wanted to re-focus her private practice to support more in-depth healing work, including womb activation and journeying, she wanted to continue to offer her support to as many women as possible, and developed the Wisdom of the Womb Reset Your Fertility Online Course. Since launching in October of 2019, hundreds of women have conceived using the methodologies taught in the course and the Wisdom of the Womb fertility support product line. 

Ariele lives in the mountains with her husband and 2 sons, has a private fertility practice, Boulder Holistic Fertility.

Here’s what people are saying about Ariele Myers, L.Ac.

"Ariele helped me feel calm and confident, and even though I had a few miscarriages before seeing her, her guidance helped me feel really secure in my next pregnancy. She gave me tools to feel safe in my pregnancy, and I really do believe I owe my successful pregnancy to her."

"I had seen a few acupuncturists before Ariele, but she was the one who I really connected with the most. I knew she wanted the best for me... she even saw my husband, and he agrees that she saved us, our marriage, while we were struggling with IVF treatments. The crazy thing is that I kept seeing her, even after my successful IVF cycle, and after a year, we were surprised by a completely natural pregnancy. We had been told we'd never conceive on our own and I swear I think Ariele healed my infertility."

"Ariele is a perfect combination of head and heart. She has the education and background to really know and understand what's going on, but then brings her intuition and connection to the Divine Feminine to each situation. I feel like she is connected to the energy around her on a really deep level, and I just feel safe and cared for when I'm with her. She totally has that "mother" energy going on, which I guess is good for a fertility specialist!"

I so love that I can support you in this Journey...

I feel humbled every day by your willingness to show up for yourself, again and again, and it truly feels like an honor to be able to support you in this journey to Motherhood. I feel called to this work, to be a womb worker, and I have as much respect for the ancient Eastern medicine that led me to this work as I do for the deep connection to my own womb which guides me daily. 

Especially during this difficult time, when we are all home, our lives have been impacted in different ways, and I've been continually called to connect to as many women as possible to share this information. I truly believe that by saving ourselves, healing our cycles, reclaiming our birthright of fertility, we save this planet, the biggest Mama of us all, our Sweet Mother Earth. In her honor, I do this work. 

So much love to you, Sister. I hope you'll take this leap with me.

XOXO, Ariele

Special offer! Enroll now and get a HUGE discount!

Reduced from $997 to $197!