Fertility Bath Soaks

Fertility Bath Soaks


These specially formulated bath soaks are blended with a combination of herbs and essential oils that support the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

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Receive 5 oz each of the following:

* The Fertile Mama Soak combines lavender oil and pink salts to help support the Yin Phase of your cycle, while your follicles are developing.

* The Fertile Moon Soak combines qi invigorating herbs like comfrey and mugwort to encourage ovulation during the Qi Phase of your cycle.

* The Womb Warming Cycle combines warming herbs like cinnamon, fennel and mugwort with warming essential oils to help support the luteal phase of your cycle, boosting your body’s ability to create and sustain progesterone.

* And the Detoxifying Mermaid Bath helps PMS symptoms such as cramps, bloating and moodiness. Women with PCOS and endometriosis swear by this delicious blend.

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