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Welcome To Your Fertility Journey...

We want to extend a heartfelt congratulations and thank you for taking the important step of completing our Fertility Quiz: Discover How To Navigate Fertility with Confidence. 

We understand that the path to motherhood can be filled with mixed emotions – hope, uncertainty, excitement, and concern. 

Seeking to understand your unique path shows both bravery and commitment. 

Please know that you're not alone in this. 

We’ve supported thousands of women on their path, and while yours is unique, we're here to support you every step of the way. 

Our desire is to empower you with knowledge, care, and the support of herbs and fertility techniques, used by women for centuries to improve reproductive health. 

We're here to support, guide, and celebrate with you as you move closer to fulfilling (or expanding) your dream of motherhood.

You Are Not Alone

We know that some of the questions in our quiz may have touched upon sensitive and deeply personal aspects of your life. 

It's completely common to have mixed feelings during this time – from excitement to anxiety, and everything in between.  

Every question you pondered and every concern you shared is a step forward in your journey, and you're not alone in these thoughts.

We've had the privilege of supporting countless women who have faced similar questions and challenges. 

Our desire has always been to share more than just our products. We're more than just a provider of organic fertility solutions; we're a sisterhood that understands, empathizes, and walks alongside you.

We hope that you can allow this space to be your sanctuary of understanding and support. 

Here, every question leads to growth, every concern is met with compassion, and every step you take is celebrated.

Addressing Your Fertility Challenges: A Path to Hope

It's important to face some hard truths in our fertility journey. 


The journey to motherhood can often feel like navigating through a storm of uncertainties. 

Many face silent battles – the anxiety of aging, the complexities of health conditions, and the invisible pressures of lifestyle choices.

These often unspoken realities can cast a shadow of doubt, making each step feel heavier and the goal further away.

These challenges aren't just barriers; they can be signals pointing to deeper imbalances.  This is why understanding the root causes is crucial. 

For instance, stress and hormonal imbalances are significant hurdles for many.  

They may quietly undermine fertility, often going unnoticed until they become critical roadblocks. 

This reality, though tough to acknowledge, is an important step to moving forward in your journey.

Adding to these challenges is the often-overlooked aspect of emotional well-being. 

The emotional strain of fertility issues can be just as impactful as physical factors. 

Navigating through this maze of emotions and physical obstacles can feel overwhelming, and we understand that it’s a journey that no woman wants to face.

Now, for the hopeful turn. 

At Wisdom of the Womb, we've created a pathway that can prove incredibly rewarding, and turns these challenges into opportunities for growth and discovery along the way.

Our Fertile Wellness Bundle, which has helped thousands of women bring their babies home, addresses these common underlying imbalances while promoting calm and well-being. 

The organic ingredients in our teas, bath soaks, and massage oils are not just soothing; they've been carefully selected to rebalance, rejuvenate, and prepare your body for pregnancy. 

By addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of fertility, we offer a well-rounded, holistic approach to enhancing your natural fertility. 

Let this be the start of a transformative journey towards a hopeful future.

The Path To Fertility Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Since 2005, Thousands Of Women Have Trusted Us To Motherhood

Here's what we recommend to optimize your fertility


Detox Tea 5 Oz

Because our reproductive organs and hormones are impacted by environmental toxins, it is essential to support the liver and reduce inflammation, so that your body is able to absorb the therapeutic properties of the other teas.

  • Gentle detoxification

  • Increased blood flow

  • Improved sleep and relaxation

How to Use: 2 cups per day until bag is finished


Fertile Mama Tea 5oz

A highly effective blend that supports the female reproductive system to optimize fertility. Rich in calcium and magnesium, essential minerals for pregnancy

  • Regulates your hormones

  • Nourishes your womb

  • Supports your follicles

  • Encourages affective ovulation

How to Use: 2 cups per day, beginning cycle day 1 until ovulation, or cycle Day 14 


B*tch’s Brew Tea 5 Oz

Beneficial for the luteal, post-ovulatory phase of our cycle, to support implantation, clearing out any stagnant blood that could be preventing pregnancy, and promoting the hormone balance necessary for pregnancy.

  • Supports uterine health

  • Encourages healthy blood flow to reduce cramping

  • Relieves stress & anxiety

How to Use: two cups per day, post-ovulation until positive pregnancy test, or until next cycle day 3. If no positive test, switch back to Fertile Mama and repeat schedule


Fertile Mama Soak 7 Oz

A 20-minute soak in this magnesium-rich bath will relax your muscles and draw impurities from your cells. Blended by hand and contains therapeutic salts, essential oils, and herbs that improve circulation.

  • Gentle Detoxification

  • Nourishes Your Womb

  • Increased blood flow

  • Improved sleep and relaxation

How to Use: Best used at least once weekly, soak for at least 15 minutes, ideally while listening to relaxing music or a guided meditation, using the Womb Healing Massage Oil to massage your womb

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Womb Healing Massage Oil

Perform your own womb healing massage at home (Free Tutorial Included)

Fertility Ear Seeds & Guide

Increase blood flow in reproductive organs for improved egg quality.

Tea Strainer

Our teas are available as loose-leaf, and freshly prepared be infusing with a tea strainer.

Sustainably Sourced in the USA

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"I Have Been Trying To Conceive For 7 Years With Multiple Losses"

I have a history of fibroids with 2 prior surgeries, which affected my uterine lining.

I am grateful to say I am currently 12 weeks pregnant! I want to encourage someone feeling like giving up to hang in there and don’t lose hope! I know infertility is a tough journey but if you continue to have faith, pray and never give up hope it can happen! I am also 41 and first baby!

10,000+ Fertile Mamas  ★★★★★

"My Baby Girl Is Now 5 Months And I Just Turned 43 Yesterday"

My baby girl is now 5 months and I just turned 43 yesterday. She is my second baby. My oldest daughter is 6 years old. I tried for 6 months until I found this amazing tea (fertile mama) I combined the tea with meditation and got pregnant on my first cycle drinking the tea. Don’t give up, please keep trying and God will hear your prayers and will give you a miracle!

Alfonsina. Verified Buyer  ★★★★★

"I'm Due With My Baby In TWO WEEKS!"

I just wanted to say your products are amazing! I’m due with my baby in TWO WEEKS! I struggled to get pregnant big time with my 2nd baby and all it took was your fertile mama tea and fertile moon tea! 💗💗 Thank you so much. Please keep on with this amazing business!!

Emily. Verified  ★★★★★

3 Reasons Why We Have Thousands of Documented Success Stories

Made For Any Woman Whose Biggest Fear Is Being ‘Too Old’ To Carry A Baby To Term

This Bundle Addresses The Underlying Hormonal Imbalances That Contribute To Infertility

It Even Works For Women Diagnosed With Various Reproductive Health Issues.

A Natural Way To Increase Fertility, Become Pregnant And Carry A Healthy Baby To Term

Without Exhausting Medical Intervention.

Beautiful, healthy baby girl born 2 months ago. This was truly life-changing

-Courtney. Happy Mama


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   10,000+ Fertile Mamas  ★★★★★

Top Questions With Answers

Can You Explain How This Works?

Unlike the strong drugs and hormone manipulation commonly used by fertility specialists, all of our products contain carefully selected combinations of herbal medicinals and natural botanicals to help gently guide your body into a more balanced place to build up your body’s natural ability to conceive without harsh side effects.

  • Restore underlying hormonal imbalances: Supports liver health (to promote hormone balance), nourishes and invigorates your blood, and promotes improved uterine health.
  • Stimulate natural detoxification: Improves circulation, stimulates natural detoxification of the body, and invigorates the movement of Qi and Blood to your reproductive organs. In addition, it promotes overall calm and a sense of well-being.
  • Support ovulation and healthy implantation: For both ovulation and implantation, follicles want to be ripe, juicy, and receptive. These products both nourish Yin, our body’s nutritional and fluid aspect that supports healthy cells and follicles, and invigorate Yang, to promote effective ovulation, implantation, and an improved ability to carry to term.

I've Had Multiple Miscarriages. Will This Still Work For Me?

We are so deeply sorry for your losses. We recommend using these products for at least three months before “trying” again.

While a pregnancy that isn’t viable, often due to genetic reasons, cannot be “saved,” some underlying imbalances can contribute to recurrent miscarriages not caused by a congenital anomaly.

What Do These Herbal Teas Taste Like?

The tea tastes flora, herbal and a little bit earthy. While each tea has its unique flavor, most women say they notice beginning to crave the taste. The blends contain peppermint and lemon balm, which lends a sweet-ish flavor. So they’re a bit minty, a bit fruity, a bit sweet, and definitely herbacious. It’s okay to add a touch of honey if absolutely needed.

How Long Will This Take To Work?

This can be a tricky question, so we will just answer with as much information as we can fit here. We have had women drink the tea for one cycle and get pregnant. Perhaps whatever imbalance that was contributing to her difficulty conceiving was minor.

We usually tell women to drink the tea for at least 3 months, as that is how long it takes to improve quality of eggs in general. All of our teas work by gently unraveling the imbalances in your body that can be contributing to infertility.

Fertile Mama, specifically, nourishes the blood, boosts the qi/ energy, gently detoxifies the liver so that hormones are more balanced, helps to regulate blood sugar, eases stress response so that cortisol release is more balanced, gently clears heat and mildly invigorates the blood.

B*tch’s Brew invigorates and nourishes the blood, to move through any blockage or stagnation to that blood and qi can reach the reproductive organs. The more blockage you have, the more you may notice cramping, movement, even blood clots releasing as you make space in your womb.

For many women, drinking these tea regularly is enough to bring the body into a place where conception can occur…. where the body is not working so hard “living” and digesting, etc, that it can add the additional difficult task of being pregnant.

However, for some women, as in the cases of endometriosis, PCOS, Fallopian tube blockage, etc, the imbalances are too far progressed to reverse quickly. This is when our slightly stronger herbal blends become more important, and it takes time and often some lifestyle changes to have a significant impact. This is why our bundles are recommended in those cases.. and why womb massage and meditation make a big difference.

Some women make these changes over the course of many months before becoming pregnant.

Every woman is different, everybody is different, and it depends on your specific situation.

How Does The Bath Soak Help?

This luxurious bath soak is blended by hand and contains therapeutic salts, essential oils, and herbs that improve circulation. The lavender and herbs included support the womb, which benefits the menstrual cycle. Our wombs energetically vibrate on a similar resonance to the ocean to water, so relaxing in water can be deeply impactful for our fertility. 

How Do I Prepare The Tea And Use The Soak?

How to Prep the Tea:

Put about one tablespoon of tea into your infuser for the best results.

  • Put about one tablespoon of tea into your infuser for the best results.
  • Place the tea infuser in your favorite cup and pour almost boiling water.
  • Let the tea steep for 5 to 15 minutes. The longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor becomes.
  • You may add a bit of honey or sweetener as desired

How to use soak:

All soaks include a small vial of essential oil blend and a sachet within the soak. Please remove the oil vial before pouring soak into the sachet.

For Each Bath

  • Add about 1/4 of the soak to the included sachet bag
  • Add a few drops of oil to the sachet and tie it closed. Toss the sachet into the bath.

For Each Bath

Your bath soak package should last for about 4 baths, depending on how much you use. Soak at least once a week (even everyday is great as well) for at least 15 minutes, ideally while listening to relaxing music or a guided meditation. You can even perform the womb massage while you soak.

Contains 7 oz. + 1 sachets

Do any of the Teas Contain Caffeine?

There’s no “tea” in these 100% herbal blend, just organic, gentle herbs. Even though they lack caffeine, they pack a lot of power to jumpstart your fertility.

How Long Will It Take For My Products To Arrive?

We’ll ship your order within 2-3 business days of receipt.

It appears the majority of items are arriving within 3-7 business days. A customer in Hawaii received her packages in less than a week!

Formulated By Fertility Specialist With 20 Years Of Experience

Ariele Myers is an Integrative Fertility Specialist of 20 years, Licensed Acupuncturist and Board Certified Herbalist whose programs and products have been helping women conceive, even when they’ve been told it’s too late and have already been trying for years.

“I have devoted my life to empowering thousands of women in overcoming pregnancy challenges through embodiment, integrative healing, and the power of natural solutions.”

10,000+ Fertile Mamas  ★★★★★