Guided Womb Journeys

Womb Journeying is the most intimate and advanced work that I do, and I feel humbled and honored by the growth and unfolding that I have witnessed.

A Womb Journey may be the appropriate medicine for you if you feel there may be energetic blocks in your womb, if you believe that you are holding trans-generational trauma that you would like support clearing, if you feel there is a deep, energetic block preventing you from conceiving, or you just want to connect with and understand the power of your womb.

Womb Journeying entails a deep dive into the shadowy-depths of our wombs, where our deepest longings, desires, shame and darkness is held. This isn't a journey of "love and light." It can be intense, but I have full trust that shining the light on our deepest places is where true healing takes place. 

Women who have journeyed with me have "met" their future children , released the energy of past lovers, healed wounds related to Mother Energy and connected to the magic of the Divine Feminine.

A Womb Journey is an intensely powerful and ultimately personal experience.  I hold safe space, create a ritual and work with plant allies... the combination becomes a sacred vessel for the journey that ultimately allows you to surrender to this sacred spiral dance of the womb.

Womb Journeying is a 1 day "event," but it begins with an Initial consultation (usually done by Video Call). 

If you decide to move forward, we meet for 2 Acupuncture sessions/ Womb Healing sessions before the Womb Journey, as well as a follow up session after the Journey. 

Acupuncture Sessions take place in my Boulder office, while Womb Journeying is in a more remote Boulder location which will be disclosed upon scheduling

I only schedule 1-2 journeys a month, so space is incredibly limited. Once you contact me, we can arrange for a time to meet for a video call interview to see if journeying together feels resonant for both of us. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions.