About Wisdom of the Womb

Wisdom of the Womb's mission is to empower women to feel embodied when it comes to their reproductive health, so that they can reset their fertility and create the families they desire, feeling confident about their choices regarding fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood and beyond.


Ariele Myers is a board certified acupuncturist, herbalist and women's reproductive health specialist. In her fertility acupuncture practice, she found that many of her patients who were struggling to conceive were incredibly disconnected from their reproductive health. She recognized that a huge component of the epidemic of female infertility is a fundamental disconnection from the womb.

Ariele’s mission is to share this Wisdom of the Womb to empower women to understand their fertility and the power of their wombs, so that they can create the families they desire.

Reset your fertility

Wisdom of the Womb exists to provide a reliable resource to women who want to activate their wombs and reset their fertility. I help empower women to feel embodied and connected to their fertility so that they can become and stay pregnant.

So many women who fail at their first attempts at pregnancy are discouraged after a visit to their doctor. Before giving up hope or resorting to extreme or expensive therapies, browse my resources and find out how the Wisdom of the Womb can help you to create the family you have always wanted.

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